Male VS Female Sphynx Cat | Differences, Affection & Behaviour.

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Getting a new Sphynx cat is super fun and exciting. These hairless cats are so unique and smart that many people are attracted to this breed, however, choosing between a male or female Sphynx cat can be quite daunting since both sexes have significant behavioral and affectionate differences. After a little research and insight given by Sphynx owners, here is what I’ve gathered.

8 out of 10 Sphynx cat owners agreed that their male sphynx cat is way more affectionate, playful, and friendly compared to their female sphynx. Male Sphynx is a firm favorite amongst owners who concluded that they have the best overall disposition in all character and inherent qualities.

Let’s analyze both male and female Sphynx cats to help you decide which sex is ideal for you. Remember, even though males are considered better, ultimately the differences are based on personality which molds their character. To learn more about the PROS and CONS of a Sphynx cat check out my previous article.

Male Sphynx Cats.

Male sphynx cats are just more relaxed and stress-free due to their outgoing nature and impeccable sense of fun. These cats are high-intensity, always on the move and love exploring, which includes being mischievous and totally ridiculous at times.

Males are also much more affectionate and it can be seen in their behaviour, as their ability to constantly cuddle, rub themselves on you, follow you around as well as be super submissive. They can also become a little too attached at times.

They do very well with kids, and other pets and blend in perfectly with the family. Their friendly nature makes them lovable and they generally get along with anyone as well as unfamiliar guests and family members.

Males Sphynx cats almost resemble puppy-like behaviour which exemplifies the friendly and outgoing nature of a Sphynx cat. The exact qualities that attract many people to this incredible breed.

Female Sphynx Cats

If you looking for a cat that is sweet, poised, has self-control and with a subtle nature. Then the female Sphynx cat is definitely for you. These cats are generally more reserved and ladylike while still displaying a great sense of boldness to impress or intimidate.

Female Sphynx cats are often referred to as divas as they are full of antics and attractive flamboyance. From the way they cuddle to the way they present themselves, it must all be done on their terms and if they are in the mood for it.

These cats are also affectionate without being needy as they do well alone at times. They come across as more independent whilst also being equally cuddly and passive.

Females are also friendly to an extent but they need more time to open up and get used to people before they can interact with them. They are less trusting and require effort to win them over.

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Male & Female Size Difference.

Sphynx cats are a medium-sized breed that weighs between 8-14 pounds. These cats are uniquely structured since they have sleek bodies that are dense, muscular and yet so equipped for their size. At first glance, they may appear to be small and underwhelming, however, don’t be fooled since these bad boys are lean yet muscular and strong.

Females are generally smaller, weighing between 6-8 pounds even though they are some exceptions. They are generally tall and slender compared to most males. Even though they may be smaller in size, they are just as strong, athletic and energetic as the males.

The male sphynx cat is slightly bigger in size and dimension. They are more structured and muscled with heavy bones. Males generally tend to weigh anything from 8-14 pounds with few exceptions. Some males may even exceed the 14-pound general weight, due to their athletic bodies which carry more muscle with greater bone density.

Behaviour, Personality and Disposition.

Super friendly and outgoingFriendly but more reserved
Always affectionate, can be clingyEqually Affectionate on their own terms
Adult males are bigger than femalesSlightly smaller than males
Much more talkativeSubtle, only vocal if needed
Playful and mischievousVery confident and bold
Best overall dispositionFlamboyant/ Diva-like

Male Sphynx is known for Spraying Urine.

All cats spray urine as a way to mark their territory, however, it’s also an instinctive behaviour in felines exhibited mostly by males. Likewise with the sphynx breed spraying is definitely something that you gonna have to deal with. That said, males are well known for spraying compared to females. The high levels of testosterone are also to be blamed and the potent smell of their urine is something you don’t want to have to linger in your home.

Female sphynx on the other hand is the complete opposite. According to female sphynx owners, their female cats don’t ever spray while some do have the tendency to spray but not very often. This conclusion was a bit of a mixed reaction since some of the female sphynx were spayed while some were not. Either way, the chances of them spraying are drastically lower than of males.

It’s advised that you neuter/spay your cats before 6 months to reduce the chances of spraying. At the same time it’s important to note that having them fixed doesn’t eliminate spraying either. So when it comes to spraying urine, females are better and less likely to spray compared to males regardless if they are fixed or not.

Male VS Female Lifespan?

Over the years the average lifespan of domestic cats has drastically increased. This is because the cats are indoors, protected, cared for and have access to good medical care. In general, the average lifespan for the sphynx breed is between 8-14 years. This is directly dependent on the quality of kittens being produced since some breeders are reckless. While some reputable breeders choose the best of the best to breed eliminating defects while improving lifespan.

According to studies, females tend to outlive male sphynx.  It has also been found that the greater a cat’s weight, the lower its life expectancy on average. This explains the reasons why males live shorter lives on average, knowing that they are much bigger in size compared to females.

Males are also more mischievous and robust, this just increases the chances of accidents and incidents they may be prone to. That’s said, one of the longest-living sphynx cats goes by the name Rex, who lived for an incredible 34 years. There is also another sphynx who was reported to have lived well over 14 years of age some surpassing 20 years. It’s all about care, maintenance and quality kittens.

Effects of Neutering/Spaying On Sphynx cats Behaviour.

Neutering or Spaying refers to the removal of an animal’s reproductive organs. This procedure is very important as it helps eliminate unwanted behaviour and sexual urges which makes them moody and aggressive.

The only behaviours affected by this medical procedure are those that are influenced by hormones such as sexual urges, restlessness, increased aggression as well as moodiness. The cat’s temperament and personality will not change as its dependent on upbringing and training.

Males undergo neutering as a way to eliminate unaccepted sexual behaviour and to reduce aggressiveness caused by these sexual urges. A neutered male will stop trying to escape as they will be content indoors.

Neutering reduces or eliminates the urge to spray and even if they do it will not give off a bad scent. The Male sphynx will tend to be cleaner, less odorous, less territorial, and overall much calmer and less active. They also become more tolerant and forgiving.

Females undergo spaying as a way to eliminate compulsive behaviour that’s influenced by hormones and to prevent unwanted kittens. The removal of the female reproductive organs causes a drastic decrease in hormones.

This will prevent the cat from going into heat and will prevent restlessness, anxiousness, compulsive behaviour, extreme vocalizations, and the need to spray.


Both male and female Sphynx make for great pets. Depending on what you looking for, for instance, if you looking for a cat to snuggle with, share a close bond with or even enjoy fun playtimes. Then the male sphynx will be ideal. On the other hand, if you looking for a cat that’s more reserved, quieter full of flamboyance, and antics then ideally the female Sphynx is perfect.

Ultimately, it depends on sex as well as personality. It’s probably safe to buy your sphynx cats from authorized reputable breeders, in this way you can get to know the kitten before you decide to buy them. This will give you some time to learn a little about their personality and overall disposition.

After all, from what I’ve gathered males remain a firm favourite.

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