Traveling With A Sphynx Cat | Full Travel Guide.

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Traveling with a cat in general is daunting and extremely terrifying because you never really know how they are going to react.

Cats are different from dogs and they don’t like change and unfamiliarity. But how does the sphynx breed hold up when it comes to traveling? Let’s take a look.

The sphynx breed is very controversial as they don’t fit the general norms of your typical domesticated cat. They are different and often described as dog-like in character and personality traits.

Could these attributes make it easier for them to handle the changing environment to travel? Well, it depends.

While the sphynx breed is very energetic and robust and they do enjoy exploring it’s hard to say if they will do well when it comes to traveling.

Even though the breed is very adventurous and outgoing, their personality ultimately depends on whether they will be able to face the challenges of traveling.

Do Sphynx Cats Travel Well?

Of all other cat breeds, I feel that the sphynx breed is one of the most equipped for traveling! That’s a bold statement I know, but let’s look closer at this remarkable breed so you can see how I came to this conclusion.

Sphynx cats do travel well since they display a more open and outgoing personality that works in their favor. From what I’ve noticed, most sphynx owners agreed and stated that their sphynx cat traveled well. Of course, there were a few hiccups here and there but overall they did significantly better than what they had hoped for.

Most owners shared that their sphynx remained calm, less anxious, and controlled throughout the journey.

This is a giant step in a positive direction because cats generally don’t do well with traveling, even though they are a few exceptions.

The main reason why most sphynx cats do well with traveling is because of their disposition and nature.

They show high levels of interest and curiosity to explore and uncover new things. This adventurous nature of theirs allows them to be more open-minded and to adjust to different surroundings quicker.

These cats are also very social and stranger friendly which makes the transition process more effortless.

The truth is that not all sphynx will present with this disposition. Even though this might be breed-related, it’s the personality that overpowers.

From what I know I would say that most sphynx will travel well if prepared and accustomed to the changing environment.

Likewise, there are instances where the cat will not do well which can make travel difficult or impossible.

It’s foolish to generalize the entire breed since each cat has its own personality.

So to sum it up, I would say that most sphynx cats will in fact travel well, while some won’t do well when traveling despite your best efforts.

How To Prepare A Sphynx Cat For Travel?

Preparing your sphynx for travel should always be done in advance to ensure a smooth journey. The following preparation is essential.

1. Leash Training.

It’s important to teach your sphynx to walk on a leash when traveling since you don’t want them to get injured or lose them along the way.

The sphynx breed is highly intelligent and can be leash trained. Due to their dog-like character, it’s wise to have them on a leash when you are outdoors.

This breed is known for running and once they escape it’s difficult to get them back. Also, the changing environment that comes with traveling means there are more risks present.

Another factor to take into consideration is that sphynx cats are very curious and they may get distracted by something along the way or in the changing environment.

Having them walk on a leash will prevent or decrease the risk of anything bad happening. It also gives you more control in protecting and ensuring they are safe.

Thus, giving you peace of mind. After all, no one wants anything bad to happen to their pets, not after spending thousands of dollars to get them.

Check out the Rabbitgoo escape-proof leash which is an affordable yet effective leash ideally for the sphynx breed.

2. Carrier Accustomization.

A basic essential for traveling is a carrier. No matter if you flying or driving a good feline carrier is required.

If you have a carrier that’s perfect, but if you don’t get one in advance. Your feline needs time and your help to acclimate itself to the carrier.

As you know cats in general, don’t like changes in their environment. Any addition to their personal surroundings is enough to stress them out.

Likewise, with a carrier, your sphynx needs time to investigate it and make sure there aren’t any threats before they can become familiar with it.

Over time their pheromones get absorbed in it and the item becomes more appealing. Short drives and vet visits in the carrier can definitely help acclimate them for longer journeys.

When getting a carrier for your sphynx, keep in mind that these cats are average in size but they are tall. The carrier must be the right size with enough space for them to move. The Mr. Peanut’s Backpack Pet Carrier is ideal for this breed. Tap on this to view this product.

3. Health Certificates/Microchips.

Health certificates and Microchips are definitely needed when traveling as it provides a level of safety and assurance.

A health certificate is normally required when flying. Most airlines require this certification from an authorized veterinarian to ensure the cat is healthy enough for travel.

If you decide to drive then a health certificate won’t be required but it’s safe to consult your local vet to make sure your sphynx is in good health to travel and they are up to date with all their shots.

When it comes to Microchips, I definitely recommend them, just to be safe. The growing popularity of the sphynx breed, as well as the huge buying costs, make them easy targets and prone to theft.

Also, these cats are athletes and they love to run. Having them microchipped creates a level of protection so you can track their whereabouts.

4. Travel Accustomization.

Cats need time and practice to adjust to traveling, even though sphynx cats are resilient they do need preparation for a smooth transition from your home to the car.

As the owner, it’s your duty to make sure they are used to the surroundings of the travel vehicle you will be using for the journey.

They need to adjust to the noise of the engine, the horn, the radio, the wipers, etc. They also need to get used to the car while in motion.

This will give you an idea of they will do well when traveling and you will also know if they are prone to motion sickness so you can prepare accordingly.

Travel Accustomization is very important and must be done in advance to ensure a smooth ride.

5. Litterbox trained.

Litterbox training is a must for any cat, regardless if you travel or not. But will your cat be able to relieve itself during the ride?

There are many ways to combat litterbox issues when traveling. Some owners prevent their cats from eating a few hours before the ride, while some owners keep their pets in carriers with litter boxes.

You can choose whichever method fits well with your feline. These disposable litterboxes are also an option. It provides a suitable place for them to relieve themselves and it can be disposed of quickly.

Depending on far you traveling, sometimes a litterbox won’t be necessary. But if you travel longer distances then I suggest frequent stops and litterbox breaks.

Everyone knows that sphynx cats love to eat and drink. So poop and pee must be expected. Check out these disposable litterboxes on amazon.

6. Medication.

While the sphynx breed may travel better compared to other cats, this doesn’t mean all sphynx cats will do well. Some may become anxious, while some will fly through it like a champ. Regardless we must prepare for any situation.

Anti-anxiety medication or sedatives are a must, especially if you know your cat doesn’t do well when traveling. You can also try a pheromone spray or calming jacket which also works well.

If your sphynx is prone to motion sickness, make sure you are prepared with the right medication and remember to administer it before the trip.

7. Sun Protection.

Sunscreen is extremely important for hairless cats. These cats are prone to sunburns, solar dermatitis, and other skin issues. They need all the protection they can get to protect themselves from the harmful Uv rays of the sun.

Another option is kitty clothing, which also provides a layer of protection for their skin. Remember to always get clothing with the right fabric for the weather conditions. Cool cotton sweaters are great for sunny days.

While the wooly sweaters are great at keeping them warm, regardless, always try to keep track of the room temperature wherever they are. For instance, in the car, it can get really hot always monitor the temperature with the use of an AC.

I would advise you to always check the weather of your desired destination to make sure you are prepared. Remember the sphynx breed has difficulty maintaining its body temperature. It’s very easy for them to overheat.

Travel essentials.

When heading out on any travel there are many essentials that you must have to ensure a smooth ride. Below is a list of customized essentials that are specific to the sphynx breed catering to their specific needs.

I know that traveling can be a rush, therefore I’ve compiled this list of essentials that can be used in a form of a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything.

1. Carrier7. Cleaning Supplies
2. Harness/Leash8. Hygiene Supplies
3. Water/Food9. Medication
4. Disposable Litterbox10. Clothing
5. Toys11. Medical Information
6. Sun protection12. Portable bowls

1. Carrier– Sphynx cats are medium-sized cats but they are quite tall and slender. The carrier must allow for enough space for them to move inside and fit comfortably. The carrier must also be breathable to allow cooling since sphynx cats are prone to overheating.

2. Harness/Leash– Since the sphynx breed is fully naked, they require a leash made with the right material to prevent irritation on their skin. The leash should also be escape-proof since these sphynx cats are very smart and fast and will try to escape.

3. Water/Food– These cats love food as they eat several meals a day. You should carry enough food and a lot of water for the full duration of the ride. Remember these cats are water tankers, you must carry extra water. Travel portable water and food bowls are must-haves.

4. Disposable Litterbox– Messy situations are bound to happen if you don’t prepare for them. Get those disposable litterboxes for easy travel and relief. Make sure they are used to using these disposable boxes if they will refrain from using them.

However, if you can, it’s advised that you carry along their own litterbox to make sure they are comfortable and free to use it whenever they need to.

5. Toys– As insignificant as it seems, sphynx owners know how important their cat’s favorite toy is. Tag along all their favorite toys to keep them entertained along the way. This provides great entertainment for energetic cats like the sphynx breed.

6. Sun protection – A feline-friendly sunscreen works well to prevent sunburns.

7. Cleaning Supplies– Cleaning supplies are very important when traveling, especially for the sphynx breed since they can be messy and clumsy to an extent. I advise you carry wipes, tissues, disposable bags, and odor-eliminator sprays that are feline-friendly.

8. Hygiene Supplies– As you probably know the sphynx breed requires rigorous cleaning and maintenance. Remember to pack their shampoo, moisturizer, and ear cleaner as well as all other cleaning products.

9. Medication– If your sphynx is on any medication/antibiotics or vitamins/supplements. Make sure you carry them along. For anxious cats get a sedative, anti-anxiety medication, or pheromone spray to keep them at ease for the ride.

10. Clothing– Prepare according to the weather conditions of your chosen destination. Remember sphynx cats need assistance maintaining their body temperature. They can either overheat or lose too much heat.

Make sure they are kept warm in cold conditions with enough blankets and bedding. In warmer conditions make sure the room temperature is controlled to make sure your cat is comfortable. Normally a room temperature of around 20°C (68°F) is advised.

11. Medical Information– Sphynx cats are prone to several health issues and they can pick up any sort of infection or tummy issue along the way. Having their medical records on hand in case of an emergency will allow the vet to have full access to their medical history.

12. Portable Bowls– These bowls are great when traveling to prevent spillage and mess.


1. Never allow your sphynx to wander around free in the car while driving. This is dangerous and could be fatal in case of an accident. An unrestrained sphynx is also very unsafe, they could distract the driver.

2. Close all windows and lock the doors of the car. These cats are impulsive, it’s best to be safe.

3. If your cat is traveling in a carrier, the carrier must be properly restrained to the seat. For cats without a carrier, they must be leashed and restrained by the owner.

4. Seat covers are important to protect your seats from messy events while traveling. Sphynx cats can be clumsy and messy.

5. Have their nails cut before you enter the vehicle. You never know how they will react to traveling and they can become destructive if they cannot cope with the changing environment.

6. When stopping to fill the gas or for bathroom breaks never leave your sphynx in the car. The temperature of the car gets really high and this can be fatal.

7. Calming treats and sprays are lifesavers when dealing with a difficult or anxious cat.

8. Never Open the car door until you know your sphynx cat is restrained. They are runners, once they escape its difficult to get them back.

9. Catproof your vehicle. This includes removing anything that could be toxic and harmful to your cat. I highly suggest you remove your car air freshener since some scents cats hate and they will want to stay away from it.

10. Pack a little reassurance and patience, your kitty will thank you for it.

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