Where to Leave A Cat When You Go On Vacation.

While travelling with cats is an option, sometimes you may be required to travel for work, for an emergency, or could be for a vacation, and it would be difficult to tag kitty along. Also in some cases where the cat isn’t stable enough for the changing environment that travelling offers, you may be required to leave the cat at home.

But what exactly are your options if you choose to leave your cat at home? To explain this further I’ve compiled a list of some great options that you can consider to make sure your feline is well cared for while you away.

Pet Sitter.

Getting a pet sitter for your cat is probably one of the best ways to take care of a cat while you away. A pet sitter is a person that checks up on your pets with daily visits to feed and make sure they are okay.

This option is the least stressful since the pet sitter comes to your home. This means that the cat doesnt have to undergo any change in environment and be exposed to any additional stress, besides seeing a new face once or twice a day.

Pet sitting have become very popular as it provides fur parents the freedom to travel knowing their pets are well cared for. The cost of a pet sitter vary, depending on the level of service required and the duties that need to be fulfilled. The average pet sitter charge a fee of $25-$30 a day for a 30 minute visit. For overnight pet sitting you can expect a fee of $70-$90 per night.

Below are an estimated range of pricing options that you can choose from depending on which pet sitting services you choose to work with.

$15-$20Daily visit of 30 minutes
$25-3060 minute visits ( include playtime)
$70-$90Overnight ( Feeding,playing,caring)

Reccomend Pet Sitting Services.

1. Petbacker.

PetBacker is a top multi-national pet company with a presence in 50 countries connecting pet parents with reliable and safe pet sitters. Pet stays via PetBacker are protected by insurance with a world class support team at your side. The pet sitters provided are masters at making your pets happy.

They are able to relieve separation anxiety, make sure they are well-fed and sheltered, and supply some well-deserved treats. Ensuring the safety and comfort of your pet is of pivotal importance when you’re travelling or unable to provide them with the care they deserve for a few days.

Petbacker allows you to choose a pet sitter that meets your requirements for the best care of your pet. You are in control and can make requests for tailor made care specifically for your pet.

2. Rover.

Rover is one of the largest network of 5-star pet sitting services, connecting pet owners to trusted and reliable pet sitters across the US, Canada and Europe. Their pet sitters offer a variety of services to care for your pet while you away.

  • They offer Boarding at the sitters home.
  • In house sitting.
  • Drop-ins.
  • Day care, exercise and grooming.

They offer care and companionship for both cats and dogs from experienced pet sitters so that you can travel stress free knowing your cat is in good hands.

Process to follow when looking for a Cat sitter.

Choosing the right pet sitter for your cat will give you the freedom to travel stress free knowing that your cat is in good hands. You dont have to worry about their whereabouts, security and emotional health since they are well taken care of. Here are few tips to help you choose a suitable cat sitter.

  • While there are many apps and networks that connects you to pet sitters, you will have to choose one appropriate for your cat and the level of service you require.
  • Draw up a list of potential pet sitters from reputable networks like Rover or Petbacker.
  • Get their Contact details and a list of references. Reputable networks should have online reviews.
  • Pet sitter must be insured for liability, care and custody.
  • Do a background check on the sitter to make sure they are experienced and have a good record for pet sitting, preferably cat sitting.
  • Get all paper work of legal information and policies.
  • Check on the pricing and choose a service you are happy with. If you require additional services such as overnight stays, play and full time care be sure to let the sitter know and draft it in the contract.
  • Discuss the pet sitters plan of action in case of an emergency or if the cat gets ill. For cats that are sick or on medication, the sitter will have to administer meds at the right dosage at the right times.
  • Meet with the sitter in advance to allow the cat to get used to them. This will prevent unnecessary stress for the cat having to see a strange face.
  • Lastly choose someone who loves cats, having someone who does this as a job is completely different to someone who is passionate about pets.

Cat Boarding / Hotels.

For those Cat parents who don’t want someone to come into their own homes, the next possible option is cat boarding. It’s important to do your research to find a reputable, licensed pet boarder that are knowledgeable with caring staff and good, clean, comfortable facilities suitable for cats.

Here are reccomend pet boarding services to take a look at.

Pet Paradise.

Pet paradise is pet day care and premium boarding service provider. Their facilities are well equipped for both cats and dogs and are well suited to cater for their needs.

Cats get to spend their day in private yet spacious condos with lots of room for exploring. They offer solo playtime for felines which includes scratch posts, toys and interactive gadgets. The rooms come well secured with window ledges for curious cats to enjoy sightseeing. The also offer veterinary services.

Pet paradise fees are very affordable especially for cats.

PriceFor Cats
$15Per day, per cat
$22,5Per day for 2 cats in one condo.


The Pawington provides Boarding pet guests with the highest quality of comfort and care. They pride themselves in making sure that every pet has a safe, fun and relaxing stay while boarding at the facility. They offer a variety of amenities that are designed to enhance your pets stay.

They have highly trained staff that are constantly cleaning, sanitizing, and providing superior care throughout your pet’s stay. To ensure your pet has an unrivaled experience, the facility is staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Their cattery boarding suites come fully loaded and are well designed for cats. Amenities include,

  • Rooms are multi-level and spacious with plush bedding.
  • Private litterbox with daily cleaning services.
  • Glass doors perfect for curious cats.
  • Meals offered two to three times a day. Pets personal food or kibble for an additional $3 per day.
  • Experiened staff that can administer medication at required times.

They also offer a customizable experience, the La Carte Menu For Cats. Menu consist of catnip and interactive toys, treats dispenser, bed time story and personal playtime. Theses premium services comes at an additional cost.

Leaving your Cat by a Friend or Family Member.

Having your cat be cared for by someone familiar is a good option. A familiar face will be much more better for cats since they are not stunned by the changing environment, as we know cats love their routine. Getting a known person to shelter your cat or to checkup on them could work out well, provided they are responsible enough to keep up the daily duties required.

However from past experiences i can tell that leaving your cats with family members or friends can be a little daunting since they may not provide the level of care you would want for your cat. But if you find a reliable known member who is willing to take up the task than you should go for it.

Leaving The Cat at Home.

If you not fully satisfied by all of the above options then the last possible option is to have your feline stay at home. Many people leave their cats alone and it works out well provided that you have someone to come and check up on them to give food and water. While this could work for shorter durations like a few days to a week, longer stays will require more hands on care and companionship.

Normally cats that are aggressive and are known for being destructive will be risky leaving them alone. But for cats that can be trusted, this could be a valid option. When leaving your cat alone at home there are alot of preparation that needs to be done in making your home cat-proof as well as preparing the cat.

Cat-proofing Your Home.
  • Remove all low lying objects and decor that could hurt the cat.
  • Remove or replace poisonous plants away from the cats reach.
  • Close the toilet seat and bathroom door.
  • Cover up electrical cords and other electrical appliances.
  • Close cupboards and pantry doors.
  • Throw out the trash and all waste.
  • Hide away all chemicals and harmful substances. Such as perfumes, air fresheners, oils etc.
  • Cover the Couch and other scratch prone furniture with linen.

Create a Cat-friendly Play Area.

Create an adventurous play area within your home that is spacious and interesting. Put some thought into it and use different toys, cardboard boxes and a cat tree. You can also hide treats in various areas which will stimulate the cats predatory instincts.

Be sure to leave out any string toys or anything that could be harmful and pose danger. When choosing toys, go for soft chewy toys that are big enough to prevent them from ingesting it. Also, include interactive toys that make sounds or have movement. These type of toys are great at stimulating their instinctual nature. For more great ideas of how you can keep your cat entertained at home, check out my previous article.

Have your Cat Monitored.

The use of a webcam can really help you keep track on your cat’s whereabouts and in return, it will provide you with a certain level of ease knowing that your feline is safe and well.

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