Why Do Hotels Allow Dogs But Not Cats? The Real Reason.

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Trying to find a hotel that allows cats is almost impossible if you ask me, as I’ve learned that pet-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean cat friendly. Ask any fur parent who travels alot and they will tell you the difficulty in finding a cat-friendly accommodation.

Recently I was searching for pet-friendly hotels to tag my cat along for our upcoming vacation. I was so impressed to find out that so many top-rated hotels cater for pets. Until I read the fine print that said ‘no cats allowed. With more research, I finally realized why.

Most hotels don’t allow cats because they leave a strong unpleasant smell from their urine and faeces. Once this waste comes into contact with hotel carpets and furniture it’s extremely difficult to get rid of the smell. Cats also tend to scratch a lot damaging furniture and other valuables as a way of marking territory.

According to one hotel worker, Guest rooms that shelter cats are very difficult to clean and hard to maintain over a period of time. While some guests are very particular with taking care of their felines some however are clumsy and it shows.

Hotels fear the presence of cats because of their scratching. Cats have a natural tendency to scratch, more so in an unfamiliar environment. Furniture, carpets and couches are prone items that makes for a good scratch post to cats. Replacing or repairing of such item will cause a severe financial loss if this practice is continued.

Another reason why cats are not allowed is because of spraying. Cats when stressed or in an unfamiliar situation tend to spray urine. An hotel is a perfect example of an unfamiliar place that the cat is not used to. Due to this change in routine the cat will get stressed and most likely spray.

Spraying of urine on hotel beds, linen, carpets and couches leave a terrible smell that is almost impossible to remove. Professional cleaning might be needed which are extra costs that the hotel must pay for. It’s also inconvenient and time consuming.

To prevent these problems from occurring hotels and other accommodations ban cats from being welcomed guest.

Dogs, on the other hand, are the most common pets and are overall more homely and hotel friendly, as seen by hotels. They are more reserved in some ways as they have learned to adjust while living with humans.

For centuries dogs and humans have walked together in a relationship, therefore they have become accustomed to that lifestyle. Therefore they are allowed in hotels.

After all, I realised that pet-friendly doesn’t mean cat-friendly and hotels need to be more specific in their accreditation. I do understand their choices in not allowing cats, but I think they need to be more transparent in their acceptance of cats and try to adjust accordingly to make room for guests with cats in the future.

Are There Any Hotels That Allow Cats?

There are a few hotels that cater for cats. However, trying to find these hotels can be difficult since it requires a lot of researching and effort. The main reason why this is difficult because hotels are not transparent enough. They accredit themselves as pet-friendly however not cat-friendly, therefore you need to contact each hotel and really check if they allow cats.

To hotels, dogs are considered pets and not cats, since dogs have been around humans as pets for a longer time. Which in my opinion is absurd and unfair. But If you lucky to find a cat friendly hotel chances are that you will have to adhere to alot of rules and regulations and an hefty fee if you break them. The best way to ensure a smooth stay is to cat proof your hotel room before you let kitty out. Learn of how to cat-proof your hotel room from my previous article.

Cat-friendly hotels in the US.

There are hotels that specifically cater for the needs of domesticated feline animals. Some of these hotels come fully loaded with services and assistance such as pet stores, veterinary assistance, kitty pager, daycare for cats, litter box, pamper rooms and nutrient foods.

However, there are rules that must be followed. There is also a fee that is required and the fees depend on what level of service you require. The following are approved cat-friendly hotel chains.

  1. Affinia Hotels
  2. Four Seasons Hotels
  3. Hilton Hotels
  4. Hyatt Hotels
  5. Intercontinental Hotels Group
  6. Motel 6
  7. Westin Hotels
  8. Quality Inn
  9. Loews Hotels
  10. Kimpton Hotels

These hotel chains have customized pet policies in place which consists of many rules. In some hotels a pet agreement is signed, in the case of things damaged the owner will be liable to pay.

Do Hotels Allow Cats For Free ?

Most Cat-friendy hotels charge a fee for accommodating your furry companions. The fees normally range from $50-$150 depending on the hotel status and the level of service you require.

For example an hotel that is rated 5 stars will probably cost you around $150 per cat, per stay. They might also require a refundable fee of $100 in the case of damage. These hotels normally welcome your cat with treats as well as water and food bowls.

These 5 star rated hotels also offer a range of services like grooming and day care at an additional cost.

Resorts and other apartments usually charge a $50 fee per pet, per stay while some accommodations charge no fees at all. Hotel chains like

  • Motel 6
  • Red Roof Inn

Let pets stay for free. La Quinta is also affordable with pricing charging $40 per stay or $20 per night per pet.

Can I Sneak a Cat Into a Hotel ?

For whatever the reason may be, it’s not ideal to sneak a cat into a hotel that doesn’t allow cats. I do understand that sometimes we may be in situations that are tough and may require you to improvise, therefore for those who are brave enough to try, the following are the best ways to sneak a cat into a non-cat-friendly hotel.

Ladies handbags.

Ladies are known for carrying handbags wherever they go. This could be a good disguise to sneak your cat in. Cats are generally small in size and therefore will be ideal to fit. The best part is that hotels never search luggage, this could work to your benefit.

Baby prams/strollers.

This could work wonders if you have a stroller. It’s not ideal to go buy one but if there is a baby in the home the chances of having a stroller is extremely high. Strollers have two compartments. The front and back. The back is a perfect hiding place for your kitty provided it’s covered with a few blankets.

Inside your Jacket or coat.

A jacket or coat could be a good option to hide your cat. Normally men wear big bulky jackets, they can take one for the team. With this option you want to make sure that your cat can breathe easily.


Backpacks are really awesome for sneaking things in especially your cat. Remember though to leave a little gap opened to allow the cat to breathe. You also want to make sure the backpack is big enough so that the cat isnt restricted.

Back entrance.

It always a good way to sneak in anything through the back door even your cat. Normally security is outside the main entrance while the back door is often neglected. This could be the perfect opportunity to get your cat in. Try to not to use the lift and go for the stairs has many people use the lift instead of the stairs.

Always remember to never use the main entrance. Find an alternative route or the back entrance. Don’t ever try to sneak a cat in if they are mischief and noisy

Related questions

1. Why does my cat meow in the hotel room? Cats meow for several reasons. When they are hungry, thirsty, constipated or not well. Most of the time when cats meow in hotels its because it’s unfamiliar with the new surroundings.

2. Can I leave my cat alone in the hotel room? No, this is the reason why cat-friendly hotels have day care for cats. It can be very dangerous to leave a cat unattended to, especially in a hotel. However if cats are well behaved they may be allowed for under an hour depending on the hotel you staying in.

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